Our Students

We currently serve students ages 5 and above who are diagnosed with autism or a related developmental disorder and come from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds. Our board of directors is fiercely committed to making our program available to as many disadvantaged families as possible.

Happy Hour 4 Kids (HH4K)

Our predecessor program/agency was called Happy Hour 4 Kids (HH4K). Our name change is meaningful, however, not just a rebrand. It represents our evolution. Whereas HH4K served a wider variety of students with 1:1 needs and operated as more of a traditional center-based program, now we are focusing on students with autism and related developmental disorders and are integrating more special education teachers into our talented interdisciplinary staff roster in order to develop micro-classrooms that can deliver as much academic and classroom experience as is possible and appropriate.

We want our students and families to experience the ordinary joy of being part of a school as much as we can.