About Us

The Foundry Learning Center is a 1:1 alternative education day program in Manhattan. We are a 12-month program and currently serve students ages 5 and above. We are rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and primarily serve students with autism and other developmental disabilities.

To learn about our sister program, Hubbard Day School, located in Stamford, CT, please visit www.hubbardday.com.

Our Values

Our students are children first. They have a right to experience the simple joy of attending a school in an environment that looks and feels as natural as possible.

Our children are also students. No matter how severe their disability, they have a right to access the breadth and scope of academic learning, including literacy, literature, language arts, health, math, the sciences, history, and social studies.

We affirm the humanity and dignity of autistic people. We do not use seclusion, nor will we restrain a child except as a last resort to prevent injury. In general, we do not use any protocol or treatment without evidence that it is both effective and safe.

We understand that students with autism and related disorders are unique and have highly specific needs. We curate and develop programming for each individual student after undertaking formal assessments, collaborating across disciplines, and consulting with the student’s family.

We believe that an evidence-based approach to teaching and administering our program is ethically fundamental.

We believe that children have a right to learn in the least restrictive setting they can. When a child is able to learn in a group and has low levels of challenging behavior, we begin the process of assisting parents in planning for a successful transition.